Toys and Child Development: Creativity, Concentration, Social

November 9, 2021

In part one of this two-part blog series, we went over some ways that parents, teachers and other child caregivers can utilize toys -- not just for entertainment, but for development as well. Toys and related items can help promote creativity, critical thinking and other vital skills, and often do so in simple ways that kids can engage with easily. 

At Devlin's Child Development, it's our pleasure to utilize a variety of developmental techniques at our child care programs, which include daycare, preschool and more. Toys and similar items are often a part of this approach, and we're happy to share our success and techniques with parents who may want to maintain these themes at home. What are some of the other benefits of involving toys in these areas? Let's go over several.

Improved Creativity

Children are naturally curious, and they'll readily explore the items around them in virtually any setting. If you ensure that some of these items are educational toys, you're creating a win-win situation that can help children explore their surroundings while developing essential skills.

The possibilities of how you might go about achieving this are virtually endless, especially with modern technology. Start by thinking of your child's favorite television shows -- example, perhaps they enjoy coloring books featuring characters from Paw Patrol or other cartoons on television these days?

Another example would be model building kits, which can often help teach children about the ins-and-outs of complex machines in a fun package. They might not even realize they're learning mathematics, science, spelling or other subjects when given the opportunity to play with these items.

Emotional and Social Development

Not only are toys helpful in skill development, but also in the development of various social and emotional skills. Many child toys require kids to play alongside other children, for instance, which is essential when it comes to learning how to interact with others.

Similarly, educational toys and related items can also help children build up their own personal sense of self in a fun and engaging way. By playing with puzzles, for example, kids might start to recognize the traits that make them special in their own ways -- even if these are small or seemingly insignificant skills.

Concentration Upgrades

Concentration spans are never too long for children, with some who struggle especially in this area. If your child quickly becomes disengaged, the right toys and related tools will help make learning manageable and fun, which helps prevent frustration.

Toys can also be used in certain exercises like "pretend play," which might involve children engaging in various roles, practices and phrases to take them through different scenarios. The idea is that toys help make these experiences fun; if they're not entertaining, children will become quickly frustrated with their lack of ability to engage autonomously, and won't have interest.

For more on how developmental toys and related items can play a positive role in child care, or to learn about any of our preschool, after school or other services, speak to the staff at Devlin's Child Development today.

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