Child Motor Skills Activities: Painting, Putty, Follow the Leader

February 8, 2022

There are a number of important developmental factors to consider for your children, and one of these that's well-known is the development of motor skills. Motor skills, which refer to specific movements that allow the body to carry out tasks, involve not only a child's brain but also their nervous system and muscular systems as well. 

At Devlin's Child Development, we're proud to offer the best child care programs in Sandy, from day care to preschool, after-school care and more. Motor skills and their development are themes we regularly touch on, including everything from discussions about child development with their parents to various activities that help stimulate motor skill development. What are some such activities, including those that can be performed outside a school or day care environment? This two-part blog series will go over several.

Painting Activities

During several different forms of painting, kids get the chance to use their hands and fingers to apply paint to paper. They're able to use their hands and fingers in such a way that even helps strengthen the muscles of their arms, shoulders and fingers. Painting with watercolors or using thick paints with brushes is also another excellent art activity.

If you're using brushes, you might consider paint-by-number kits or stencils. These kits and stencils often come with their own set of brushes, which can help your kids by developing their hand-eye coordination and motor development skills.

Putty or Play-Dough

Another fun, engaging way to help children boost their motor skills is by playing with putty or play-dough. While some kids might use their hands to roll out the putty, you can encourage others to squeeze and manipulate it as well.

You also have a wide variety of different colors and scents from which children can choose from when they play with either the putty or the dough. These kits often come with a variety of other accessories besides just the putty or play-dough, including molds for kids to create shapes out of the dough.

Follow the Leader

Often played during recess or break time in classrooms, follow the leader is another engaging activity that kids not only enjoy playing but also helps get them moving. By having one child designated as the leader, kids walk along with this individual while they follow their lead and imitate what they do.

One of the most important advantages of following the leader comes when it comes to hand gestures. By placing their hands up, down and across their bodies, kids not only imitate the leader but also strengthen the muscles in their arms and upper body at the same time.

For more on various activities or pursuits that will help children develop their motor skills, or to learn about any of our day care or other child care programs, speak to the dedicated staff at Devlin's Child Development today.

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