Building a Great Morning Routine for Children

May 9, 2023

Routines are often very important for helping kids manage their day, and one of the most important for many kids here is a morning routine. While it doesn't necessarily have to be identical every day, having a general structure and routine setup for the mornings, particularly on days where children will be attending child care or early educational programs, is beneficial in many ways. 

At Devlin's Child Development, we're happy to offer a wide range of child care programs for Sandy clients, including preschool, daycare and many others. We know that for many kids, our programs are a key part of their morning routine, and we're here to help parents in any way we can. Here are a few of the most important tenets of a morning routine for children to keep in mind.

Quality Sleep

In reality, any great morning routine actually begins the night before. Making sure that your child is getting enough quality sleep each night will help to ensure that they are ready and energized for their morning routine the following day.

Not only should your child be getting adequate sleep each night, but it's also important to make sure that their bedtime is consistent and regular. This helps kids understand when it's time for them to wind down and get ready for the next day.

Preparation the Night Before

To help streamline things in the morning, one of the best ways to make sure that the morning goes as smoothly as possible is for parents to do some of their preparation the night before. Making sure that backpacks are packed, clothes are ready and anything else your child needs for the day is in order will help make mornings go much more quickly.

If you drive your child to school or daycare in the morning, then it's also important to make sure that your car is ready and gassed up as well. You can even place their child seat in the car in advance, so that all you have to do is buckle them up and go.

Limit Screens

One of the most important aspects of setting up a successful morning routine for your child is keeping screens to a minimum. While it might be tempting to allow them some time with their tablets or phones in the mornings, this can often interfere with their ability to focus and get ready quickly.

Instead, other activities like reading a book together or playing an active game can be more beneficial. Not only will these activities help them prepare for the day, but they also have educational and developmental benefits as well.

Make Sure You Have Time for Yourself

Once your child is up and moving around in the morning, it's important for parents to remember to take some time for themselves. Maintaining your own self-care practices and being mindful of your own needs can help you deal with the pressures of the morning in a positive way. Whether that's your morning cup of coffee before the chaos begins, or meditating for a few minutes to bring some balance into your day - make sure you find time for yourself in your morning routine.


Both for yourself and your child, making sure to have a healthy breakfast is essential. Eating something nutritious will help your child stay focused and energized throughout the day, plus it's an important way for them to get essential nutrients that their growing bodies need.

Maintaining and Sticking to the Routine

As we noted at the start of this blog, your routine doesn't have to be identical every day - but it's important to stick to the basics. This helps your child understand what to expect each day, and makes life easier for everyone involved.

Here are a few basic tips for maintaining a morning routine - and helping your child do the same:

  • Consistency: Make sure your routine is consistent and predictable. For instance, if you always read a book together in the morning, your child will know that this is something they can look forward to.
  • Flexibility: Kids often have moments where things don't go as planned - and that's ok! Remember to be flexible when needed, but also try to stick to the routine basics.
  • Fun: Kids will often respond positively to activities that are fun and engaging. Adding in some fun games or activities can help make your morning routine more enjoyable for everyone.

Overall, having a solid morning routine is essential for helping kids get the most out of their mornings - and ensuring that everyone has an easy start to their day.

For more here, or to learn about any of our Sandy educational or child care programs, speak to our team at Devlin's Child Development today.

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