Enriching After School Care in Sandy

At Devlin’s Child Development Center, we believe learning doesn’t stop at the end of the school day. In our after school care program in Sandy, your children get the benefit of expanding their knowledge and experiences in a safe, enriching environment.

The Importance of After School Care

While U.S. public schools perform an important function, parents must find care for the period of time between when school ends and the workday ends. This is a crucial time in a child’s day, and research has shown the right after school care program can make a big difference in a child’s attitude and general well-being.

You want your child to be in an after school program that is engaging and encourages creative play, exercise and socialization.

Carefully Curated After School Care Curriculum

At Devlin’s Child Development Center, we make after school care in Sandy fun, but also enriching. We work with children on art projects, allow them to play outside on the playground with careful supervision, and feed them healthy, nourishing snacks. We believe these are the same things you would do with your children after school if you weren’t working.

Children in our after school care program can also work on homework and get assistance from our trained staff. This helps parents because they can spend more time playing with their children after they pick them up instead of wrestling with math problems.

An important side benefit of getting enrichment in an after school care setting is that your children get to play with other children their own age and form friendships. This can be invaluable for shy children who may have trouble approaching others and making friends.


We provide after school care for children from preschool through fifth grade. As children age, they are able to do more on their own, but this does not reduce the need for supervision. Elementary and middle-school children may engage in risky behavior if left unsupervised every afternoon until parents get home from work.
We provide safe opportunities for after school fun such as sports, games and other activities geared toward each specific age group.

Clean, Safe After School Care

As a state-licensed facility, we follow all state protocols for cleaning and sanitizing our premises. We wipe down surfaces frequently and clean toys every day.

Our facility is secure, and only people on the list of those pre-approved to pick up your child may collect them from our after school care program.

Our staff is friendly, welcoming and communicative and is happy to chat with you at pickup time about your child’s day, letting you know about any successes and challenges they may have faced that afternoon. 

Make an appointment today to visit Devlin’s Child Development Center to see if your child is a good fit for our after school care program in Sandy.

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